Pairing Your Prints

How to find the perfect combination of prints for your space.

With a wide range of tonal values from the darkest polar nights to the whiteout blizzards of a stormy winter’s day, Benjamin's fine-art prints can not only stand alone as a feature point of your room, but work together in pairs to create a visual story that can cast a unique atmosphere across your space. 

Whether it’s a combination of light and dark contrasts, warm and cold colour hues, abstract and minimal compositions, you can curate the story.

Step One:

Assess your space.

Perhaps the room has dark walls, or warm light over wooden oak furniture. Finding the right balance of colour and tones can help you to create a specific atmosphere in your space. I personally love minimal and open environments that give my mind space to think, so I would choose prints that subtly blend in rather than drawing immediate attention. On the flip side, perhaps you'd love a pop of colour and the instant pull towards the prints when you walk into your room. Which ever way you go, it is important to consider the colour palette and positioning of the prints in your space.

Step Two:

Create the pairs. 

The key is contrast.

We could apply the same logic whether pairing 2 Large or multiple smaller prints in a space. If your room is already quite full and has a generally darker colour scheme, you could choose two light toned and minimal images hanging next to each other, such as the Whiteout Reindeer and the Arcitc Fox. Both have a central composition, they don't visually interfere with each other and work together to tell a greater story. Having the minimal images will bring a peaceful and calm element to your space.

If you have an open space, let's say you just moved into a new home and there is a room with big white walls and not very much furniture just yet. This could be the perfect opportunity to create some contrast and a distinct visual element to help bring a controlled ambience into the space.

Your eye is set on two large prints to really make a statement. But do you go with light or dark images, or a combination?

This is where it gets personal, but regardless of tone you can go a long way just by choosing the theme and style of the prints. Pairing one abstract image, rich in detail and texture, with one wider minimal composition or wildlife image, could lead to the perfect yin and yang. Two abstract prints may become visually overwhelming in the same space, so creating the contrast with a minimal image will not only create better cohesion, but help to enhance the visual impact of both works because neither will take away attention from the other.


I could go on writing all day about these things, it's just so fun to pair and curate images to create different moods and ambience! The one key takeaway is that it's all about contrast. 


I hope you enjoy the collection and can find the atmosphere in these prints to bring home to your space.


All the best,